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Scary times

Created on: 04/01/20 05:28 PM Views: 529 Replies: 1
Scary times
Posted Wednesday, April 1, 2020 05:28 PM

During this difficult and scary time, please feel free to use this forum to share your thoughts, concerns, words of encouragement, or whatever.  It is important that we stay connected.  Kathy


RE: Scary times
Posted Friday, April 3, 2020 07:36 PM

Thank you Kathy for keeping us together.  Egads - 70 decades!  We really did not experience the full weight of World War II and the Korenan War was, in respect to current situation, somewhat isolated. Viet Nam and Desert Storm, etc., are another matter but still not as globally devastating as what we are experienceing today, last month, and for how much longer into the future we do not know.

I beleive for most of us (am I wrong) being retired and no longer in the work place full time and are relying on pentions and SS (not sure about 401Ks) will not feel the brunt of the situation as much as those who are now not receiving a pay check, some layed off and out of work, and have munchkins under foot - 24/7!

I feel blest to have a roof over my head, a means to pay my bills, my health, a freezer full of food, and yes, an unopened pack of 12 rolls of TP which I purchased on March 16th before the mad scramble began. (I do have a tendancy to hoard but come on - seriously people!  I made a quick run to Kroger today to pick up a prescription and fresh veggies and no kidding - there was not one pack of TP or paper towels on the shelf!)

I have been connecting with my wider family - we created a Shoop Troop instant messaging page and we have a Logo Challenge going among the younger kids (including two of my six grandkids and three of the five great grandkids!) It is super being in touch with each other, almost on a daily basis.

Now is the time to rech out to your families and friends to give support and love.  If there are those of us in our Class of 1964 who are in need, whether it be financially or emotionally, don't hesitate to reach out to each other.  We will make the most of this pandemic and look back on it saying, "How did we every survive?"

Love to you all, Zoe