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05/04/11 11:08 AM #1    

Larry Doehleman

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10/26/16 12:36 PM #2    

Michael H. Hart

Central School - First Grade - were it all began.  Was this teacher Mrs Crawford?  Dave McCormick confirmed and thanks to his wife Barb.

10/26/16 12:39 PM #3    

Michael H. Hart

Central School Second Grade - anyone remember this teacher?

10/26/16 12:41 PM #4    

Michael H. Hart

Central School - was this 4th Grade?

10/26/16 12:44 PM #5    

Michael H. Hart

Central School 6th Grade - Mrs. Forkner (?)  A lot of us in this picture are still attending reunions.

05/08/17 04:16 PM #6    

Michael H. Hart

Found the Kindergarten picture.  Think Gayle may remember.  Mrs. Ryan?

05/09/17 12:34 PM #7    

Dennis Morgan (Denny) Brown

It was Mrs. Ryan, in deed!!  In the basement of the Trinity Church of Christ on Central Ave. right across from where Rick Smead now lives.  I have a similar picture form the afternoon shift.  Mrs. Ryan had a son Ralph who was a good friend of my dad.  Not sure she did this with other kids, but she addressed me as Dennis Morgan.  Not  sure if that was in honor of the popular singer back in the 40's or..... she had Welsh ancestry, of which Morgan is a very common name, right up there with Jones!  BTW, I as I recall I aced coloring my alphabet.  In my spare time, I need to break out my set of pix and post as well, No doubt, more of a response than you expected. db

05/09/17 12:46 PM #8    

Gayle Laurene Thomas (Reed)

Denny...I think I gave you originals or copies of my elementary class pictures.  Would you give them to Larry to post on our site?

Larry...thank you for posting these pictures.

Michael...yes it was Mrs Ryan.  What is funny is I don't remember any details about who was in my class.  My Dad walked me there every day!  But beyond that I don't remember...

I could identify a few more people but mostly I saw faces I recognize but can't remember their name.  Need to check against a yearbook.  How about taking prints to July 1 party to get help to identify them?

Going left to right:

back row left end is Sharon Honaker

middle row in the middle is Marsha Carr and Dale Lowrey

front row next to Phil is Steve Armstrong


05/09/17 04:10 PM #9    

Michael H. Hart

On my profile there are comments identifying some of us in this kindergarten picture.  I scanned and posted all of them.

Go there, reminisce and pick out more of us. 

07/07/17 02:53 PM #10    

Michael H. Hart

07/07/17 03:00 PM #11    

Michael H. Hart

The above submitted by courtesy of Tom Sills.  Thanks Tom!

07/07/17 03:01 PM #12    

Michael H. Hart

07/07/17 03:05 PM #13    

Michael H. Hart

5th Grade, Mrs. Hagen.  Do those of us remember Mrs. Hagen reading us the "Sugar Creek Gang" in off times between subjects?

The above submitted courtesy of Tom Sills.  Thanks Tom!

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