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06/08/23 12:37 PM #239    

Edwin H. (Ned) Brubeck

It's always great to hear good news from y'all!

06/08/23 01:40 PM #240    

Shirley F. Wilson (Lambert)

Gayle you are  strong women in spirit and religion.  Glad the end to treatmens are nearing.  Good Luck, take care and God Bless.

07/06/23 07:56 AM #241    


Gayle Laurene Thomas (Reed)

July 6

Sending prayers that everyone who comes to the Mini tonight has a great time!! Be safe coming and going!! And I'm sending a hug to all who are there!!

A couple people I've met recently were born the year we graduated!!! I can't always keep up with them physically but we tend to think alike which I think is a good thing!!!

Love, Gayle Thomas Reed FHS Class of 1964 and proud of it!!!

07/24/23 06:02 PM #242    


Gayle Laurene Thomas (Reed)

Prayer Request - July 24

Please pray for our classmate Sue Henson Carnes. She had a full hip replacement Jan 2022 and now she has to have another full replacement next Monday, July 31! Her PCP told her this was extremely rare. And she would appreciate all the prayers!!!

Love, Gayle Reed


07/24/23 07:50 PM #243    


James William (Jim) Bauer

Sue Henson, I have been telling you for many years that socker was not your game and to stick to the piano.  Knees and hips are best done in pairs......when it is all over and recovery is in the distant past, you will be glad you had it done while you are still young.  Hang in there kid, you will be able to "climb every mountain" soon enough. 🚁




07/25/23 12:40 PM #244    

Edwin H. (Ned) Brubeck

Hang in there, Sue.  I hope it all goes well for you!  


07/26/23 04:31 PM #245    

Donna Rohm (Pratt)

Dear Sue,

You got this my friend.  I know it will go well.  Cheers, Donna Rohm Pratt


07/26/23 06:52 PM #246    

David Conover

Sue , get well soon dear , Prayers for my good  classmate and friend 



David Conover


07/28/23 06:55 PM #247    

Kathy Lynn Goodman

From Julie Lay Master'

Too funny, and too very true!

07/30/23 04:38 PM #248    


Gayle Laurene Thomas (Reed)

July 30

Good afternoon!

Sue Henson Carnes' surgery is tomorrow at 10:00 am! Please pray for her, her family and the medical team that the hip replacement this time is successful!!!

God we ask You in Your Heavenly and Holy Name!!!


Love, Gayle

07/31/23 09:37 AM #249    


Gayle Laurene Thomas (Reed)

July 31

Sue's surgery has been cancelled! She has a UTI!!  Sending prayers that the UTI is cleared up quickly and that she can get back on the surgery schedule soon!!!

Love, Gayle

07/31/23 10:26 AM #250    

Bobbijean Wells (Yingling)

I'm so sorry to hear that.  I hope it clears up quickly and surgery is rescheduled very soon.


08/14/23 08:05 AM #251    


Gayle Laurene Thomas (Reed)

August 14

Update from Sue Henson

All is well had (hip replacement) surgery august 7. In rehab at The Lodge. Lots of pain but God is giving me the strength. This will get better.  

Getting good care.  It's rare for this to happen. My body didn't do what it was suppose to. This surgery was anterior. Cut halfway down my thigh even. I don't care about scars. Just want to be without pain. I was hospitalized for 3 days then transferred to The Lodge 5 days weekly of pt and occupational. I can do this. 😃 

08/17/23 12:40 PM #252    

Edwin H. (Ned) Brubeck

Glad all went well. Have a speedy recovery!

11/28/23 11:46 AM #253    


Gayle Laurene Thomas (Reed)

November 28

One of you sent me a message about a class act! My response is that All of Us are the Class Act!!! We've been friends for over 60 years!!! 6 decades!!! That's not the norm!!!

Thank you all for who you are!!! For being supportive over the years!!! Showing up to say Hi, How are you? I came because I wanted to see you in person!!! How are you doing?

Blessings and peace to all of us!!!

Love, Gayle Thomas Reed

12/21/23 08:00 PM #254    


Gayle Laurene Thomas (Reed)

Merry Christmas to all of you!!!

I still shake my head that we're still connected to each other from so long ago!!! I wonder if our grands and great grands will be able to say the same!!!

Sending safe travels and lots of hugs and love to you all this holiday season!!! And hope to see some of you at the 60th in June!!!

Blessings and peace from Dublin Ohio to wherever you are!!!

Love, Gayle Thomas Reed



12/22/23 04:36 PM #255    

Elizabeth Jane Eden (Benton)

gayle, merry christmas to you and your family, and all our fellow classmates.!!!!  it is pretty quiet  here with jerry gone!!!! family can't replace all!!  hope we all see a bright and happy new year!!!!   eliz


01/13/24 01:46 PM #256    


Gayle Laurene Thomas (Reed)

Good afternoon!

It's 8 degree chill factor I understand in Central Ohio today! Through chattering teeth I would still live here over anywhere else!!! The church just posted their winter festival info. I laughed and said I'd come if there are no winter events!

HAPPY BIRTHDAY to EACH of US as we move through the year! May we live each day to the full. Not taking anyone or anything for granted!!!

We have a 60th reunion coming up. So that means we will be 78-79-80 years old this year? How is that possible? 

Blessings and peace to you all!!!

Love, Gayle



01/18/24 05:03 PM #257    

Elizabeth Jane Eden (Benton)

gayle,good to hear from you !!!!!  it is cold here in greenville, but i am sure not as cold as ohio!!!!  hanging in there one day at a time!!!  house is sure quiet!!!!  i keep the tv on most all day for noise!!!  hope to go to ohio  next year for our 60 year celebration!!!  take care, eliz



02/01/24 06:26 PM #258    


Gayle Laurene Thomas (Reed)

February 1, 2024

I just got off the phone with Gail Blanton. First off and the best news I think is that he is now under the care of the VA. That means they are taking over his medical care, the surgery on the other leg, the physical therapy he needs to get him walking and the rehab facility once he is able to go!!!

Please pray for the surgery tomorrow. His circulation is not good in the other leg and they are taking it off above the knee tomorrow morning at 10 AM. I asked about the foot removal on the first leg? Is it okay and stable and he said yes!!!

Please also pray that the VA in Clearwater will follow through on his care and get him walking again soon!!! He probably won't make the 60th but being able to walk and being cared for by medical professionals that really care is the most important!!!


03/28/24 03:17 PM #259    


Gayle Laurene Thomas (Reed)

March 28, 2024

I took my grandson, age 12, to school for concert practice the past couple weeks. He had to be there by 7:30. Normally he would ride the bus and leave at 8-ish.  I told him when I was in school, we lived less than 2 miles from school and since Mom worked and we only had 1 car, I had to walk. A poor me story for sure, right? 

He responded with a question. What time did our school start? I couldn't remember! Do any of you remember times for Junior High and High School?

I just sent in my reservation for Friday night for our 60th class reunion. How can it be 60 years? We're not that old, right? Hahaha. I guess my body says different!

Blessings and peace to all of us!

Love, Gayle


03/29/24 09:40 PM #260    

Kathy Lynn Goodman

If my memory serves (for whatever that is worth), we started at 8:00.  Except for our senior year during which, due to overcrowding, we had a staggered schedule.  7:30 to 2:30, 8:30 to 3:30, and 9:30 to 4:30.  Corrections welcome from anyone whose memory is better than mine.


03/30/24 03:58 PM #261    

Albert Lynn (Lynn) McConnell

That exactly as I remember it....................Lynn

03/30/24 08:42 PM #262    


Gayle Laurene Thomas (Reed)

I kinda remember the 8:00 start. But the staggered times I don't remember. Were they assigned? Or did we get to pick? Why did we have to?

And I loved Lynn's answer: "That's exactly as I remember it." I can't remember exactly 5 minutes ago. So 60 years is a little stretch for me. 

Blessings to us all.


04/30/24 08:08 PM #263    


Gayle Laurene Thomas (Reed)

April 30

Good evening!

I talked to Gail Blanton last night and told him I would post an update from him. 

He's in a VA rehab now. And has been measured for his other leg. It will be a prosthetic above the knee. He keeps saying when he gets it, he is going to go home! I know he wants to but I think it will take a while. And as much as he would like to come to the 60th, I'm not sure that's possible. But maybe with a wheelchair and a willing driver, he could!

He shared with me that his younger brother Avery died yesterday. He had terminal cancer. And was 78.

I went on a practice trip this past weekend. A friend from Galloway and I went to Burlington KY to see the Creation Museum. We had a great visit with our friend that recently moved there. But the trip through Cincinnati going down was loaded with crazy drivers. And taking the more scenic route home was too long. Traveling is not as fun now. But I'm coming to the 60th to see all of you that can make it and know it will be worth it! And I'm sorry that I used to expect everyone to come. 'Course we were younger then so maybe that was ok.

Blessings and peace.

Love, Gayle

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