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02/21/21 01:55 PM #144    

Gayle Laurene Thomas (Reed)

I'm trying to figure out the huge electric bills people are getting.  How can you charge for no service and mismanagement? Unless your customers are going to pay the company's legal bills...?

02/21/21 06:58 PM #145    

John Robert (Jack) Stackman

Gayle, I think the huge power bills are likley due to people opting to buy power from a company that is not their distributor.  The sign up to but power from someone without reading the fine print.  The seller buys power on the spot market then resells it.  It is a mater of supply and demand.  It is a very ugly part of derugulation. 

02/21/21 06:59 PM #146    

John Robert (Jack) Stackman

I need to proof read before hitting submit.

02/22/21 02:52 PM #147    

Gayle Laurene Thomas (Reed)

My sister in law lives in Texas. She does not paint a very pretty picture of the politics there over power etc.

02/28/21 06:31 PM #148    

Julia Patterson (Delude)

H'lo, just an update to my recent vaccine-grumbly post. Though the appointments instrument crashed within a minute or so of opening  this past Wednesday, my daughter persisted and was able to get himself and me appointments for Tuesday next, with our second shots mid-April. What a relief, though it will be much safer once most people –I so hope- are inoculated. That said, I did order more masks, including for the kids and grandkids; we will be wearing those likely for at least a year, I suspect.

03/03/21 08:56 AM #149    

Thurman J. Lee

I will be getting my second shot this Friday.  There was a lot of discussion about possible side effects.  I have heard lately that one of the side effects of the second shot is a really strong craving for Margaritas.  Since I am havinng my second shot this Friday, I have "High Expectations".


03/04/21 08:48 AM #150    

Paul Edward Stout

AMEN to that Thurman. Make a pitcherful as that symptom can be a very strong one.

03/07/21 10:06 AM #151    

Kathy Lynn Goodman

Got my second shot yesterday.  It's been 24 hours and the only side effect is a slightly sore arm.  Well, except for this tequilla craving.  You up for it Thurman.  Just say where and when.

03/07/21 12:23 PM #152    

Edwin H. (Ned) Brubeck

I've had both shots of Pfizer thanks to the St. Louis Veterans Admin.  I had no side effects from either.  

03/25/21 08:29 PM #153    

Ruby Delores Perkins (Hillard)

I just watched the service for Dean. It was very moving. I feel for his family and shed a lot of tears. The pictures were wonderful. RIP Dean.

03/26/21 05:23 PM #154    

Karen Antenucci (ODell)

I watched Dean's memorial, also.  I was moving and the slide show really was great as well.  RIP Dean.


04/16/21 07:05 PM #155    

Norma Sue Henson (Carnes)

FYI Gayle fell last Monday and had to have a hip replacement. She is currently in rehab until the end of the month. I'm sure she would appreciate prayers. 

Have a smiley day and a great weekend!

Sue Henson Carnes



04/16/21 09:57 PM #156    

Kathy Lynn Goodman

I just talked to Gayle.  She is doing well but it is slow going.   Between PT, OT, and daily care her days are pretty full and exhausting.   Frainklin Cty went purple this week so she is not sure what their new protocol will be but up until now it is one visitor a day for 1/2 hour.  This is, of course, really limiting. She wants to reach out to everyone but does not have the technology or the energy to do so on anything but a very limited basis right now.  She is being well cared for now and has a wonderful support group,  She has promised to try to let me know how she is doing and I will let you know.  Keep those prayers going out to her.  Kathy

04/17/21 11:04 AM #157    

Ruby Delores Perkins (Hillard)

Really happy your doing well Gail. Hope you make a fast and complete recovery. Love, Ruby

04/17/21 11:44 PM #158    

Michael H. Hart

Positive thoughts your way Gayle.  For blessings, peace, strength and a fighting spirit.  You are one of the anchors in keeping our class together over all the many years and you are very well respected and much appreciated.  You are loved by all. 

04/18/21 09:52 AM #159    

Kathy Lynn Goodman

Per request

Gayle Reed

% Mill Run Rehabilitation

3399 Mill Run Rd

Hilliard, OH  43026


04/18/21 12:16 PM #160    

Gayle Laurene Thomas (Reed)

Thank you all for your thoughts and prayers. I took a wheelchair walk this morning from the end of the hall to the other end with the reward of being at the vending machine! But more importantly strengthening my legs for a return to normal soon!


04/18/21 07:36 PM #161    


James William (Jim) Bauer

Hang in there'll be back on the socker field any day now. 🤠

04/19/21 08:35 AM #162    

Bobbijean Wells (Yingling)


     I'm so sorry about your fall, but glad to hear that the rehab is going well.  Hang in there, it will just be a memory before too long.       


04/19/21 09:07 AM #163    

Paul Edward Stout

Gayle, if this was anyone else I would probable think they would just basically give up. But you are a fighter and I have no doubt that you will be up and "charging forward" in no time. Just don't rush it TOO much. Prayers for you as always and keep up the spirits. As was said in an earlier message to you, you are a big part of the "glue" that holds this class together. Keep us posted on your progress.


04/19/21 07:24 PM #164    

David Conover

Get well soon Gayle keep me posted David

04/20/21 07:31 PM #165    

John Robert (Jack) Stackman

Gayle, I know the issues you may be having.  I had a hip replaced 17 years ago.  Doc told me it was good for about 20 years.  I think he was a bit optimistic.  I've been in pain and walkiing with a limp for a couple of years.  I do not know how much longer I can put off getting it done again.

I wishh you well and of course a speedy recovery.

Jack Stackman

04/24/21 08:40 AM #166    

Gayle Laurene Thomas (Reed)

Good morning all!

I'm getting my brain working on a going home plan! The date is next Friday Apr 30. The extra days here have given me additional info about how to strengthen my gait and balance. 

Thank you all for your good wishes and blessings in these posts and cards. One in particular confused Wanda who delivers the mail. She didn't know who Gayle Thomas was! What a great reminder of how connected we are!!

Blessings and peace to you all! 

04/25/21 08:40 AM #167    

Bobbijean Wells (Yingling)

So happy to hear you're going home.  Please take it easy and try not to over work that hip.

04/25/21 02:22 PM #168    

Michael (Mike) Townsend

Hi Gayle,

Glad to hear that your recovery from hip replacement surgery is going well. 

I had a hip replaced in Nov. 2019. It's a tough recovery program but I found that strict adherence to the pysical therapy exercises, which I also did at home, during these last 17 months have given me greater stength and balance than I've had in 25 years. The exercises are painful and result in soreness but they are worth it in the long run. To give me an incentive to keep going, especially during the first 2-3 months post-surgery, I identified at least one improvement in my consition each morning and that gave me hope to press ahead. I found that the biggest jump in fitness (strength and balance with much less pain) occurred when I could begin walking without a walker or a cane for 30 minutes at a time. Now I'm walking 2 - 3.5 miles, six times a week and still doing the exercises.

Wishing you all the best in your recovery!!




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