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05/24/21 11:35 AM #170    

Mary Lynn McDavid (McDavid)

I was in Ms. Campbell's English class when they announced that Kennedy was shot and then died.  Was anyone else in there that day?  Meredith came to the door and asked to speak to me.  Ms. Campbell said I could go. The two of us went into the girls bathroom, sat on the floor and smoked cigarettes.  I don't really remember talking, just sitting on the cold tile with our backs up against the wall smoking.  

06/19/21 06:13 PM #171    


Gayle Laurene Thomas (Reed)

Thank you all for your thoughts and notes during the past 2 1/2 months. There is a status update: they found a small blood clot in my non-surgery leg on Thursday. Am taking a blood thinner and being a little more careful for the next 3 months. I can drive and walk but only for short distances. Have a good time and safe travels to/from the Mini on July 1st!

06/20/21 01:35 PM #172    

Paul Edward Stout

Gayle, glad to hear you are continuing wellness in one area but sorry to hear about your blood clot problem. Just do as instructed and you should do okay. You may (and that's only a "may" have to stay on them for a very long time if not forever. Depending on what you are on you may not have much problem with bleeding or buising. I have been on Eliquist for many years and really cannot see any difference when I get cut, stuck with needles, IV's etc. But remember don't over do it until doc says you can increase activity. Take care dear lady.


06/30/21 06:02 PM #173    


Gayle Laurene Thomas (Reed)

Just wanted to say Hello, Have Fun and Be Safe tomorrow! Love to you all!

09/02/21 03:27 PM #174    


Gayle Laurene Thomas (Reed)

Sept 2, 2021 I saw my PCP yesterday. I will finish 3 months of Xarelto next Thursday and can stop it! Took the hose off Saturday and my toe no longer hurts!! And she said it looked like I'm back to my old self!!!  Welcome back, old self!!! It'll be 5 months on Sunday!!!

10/06/21 02:14 PM #175    


Gayle Laurene Thomas (Reed)

Oct 6, 2021

I talked to Katie this morning. She has had 2 eye surgeries recently and she said to tell you her sky is now blue! t's been 6 years since her brain surgery and her vision slowly turned to everything looking yellow. 

And she is not wearing glasses or contacts! Only readers for close work. 

Blessings and peace to you all.

Love, Katie

01/05/22 08:13 AM #176    


Gayle Laurene Thomas (Reed)

January 5

I wanted to send Happy Birthday greetings for 2022 to the Fairborn High School Class 1964!  I've gotten away from sending individual greetings.  And after last year's fall and all the losses our class has had, I wanted to let you know I'm thinking about you all.  And remembering... The memories give me pause. Some make me cry. Some make me laugh out loud!  Whichever they are, they were and are about the best class ever to graduate from Fairborn High School! 

Sending Love and a side of hugs from Dublin Ohio to you wherever you are!

Gayle Thomas Reed FHS Class 64 and proud of it!!!

04/22/22 04:19 PM #177    


Gayle Laurene Thomas (Reed)

April 22, 2022

I have found a special way to celebrate the month of April! This year's celebration is to have breast cancer surgery next Monday, April 25! The good news is that there was no metastatic disease in the bone and CT scans. The marker clip (new since 12 years ago) was inserted successfully. The follow up I'm a little concerned about is the chemo (Taxol for 12 weeks and Herceptin for a year), radiation (not sure how long) and then hormone therapy for 5 years! 

Sending prayers to all of you who are facing health issues, whether easy or hard, during this stage of our lives!  Blessings and peace from Dublin Ohio to wherever you are!!!

Love, Gayle

04/24/22 09:19 AM #178    


Gayle Laurene Thomas (Reed)

I had a vision this morning of a group of people running through a field. The running stopped me because I can't do that any more. BUT what I thought about are the connections that our class developed years ago and are still with us now into our 70's! I'll take the connections!!! They last a lifetime and don't require running!!!

Thank you all for who you are and for being part of our great class, the Fairborn High School Class of 1964!!!

04/25/22 08:58 AM #179    

Kenton Dean Hill

Praying for you in this journey. Keep smilimg and singing.


04/25/22 09:33 PM #180    

Elizabeth Jane Eden (Benton)

gayle,will say prayers for you!!!  God  Bless!!!!  eliz

04/26/22 01:51 PM #181    


Gayle Laurene Thomas (Reed)

April 26 - Surgery Update

I had a partial mascetomy and one sentinel node biopsy. Not bad pain so far. And in addition, God provided an anesthesiology nurse who understood my pain med issues!!!

The nurse called this morning and the surgeon will call with results of the tissue taken having clear margins and the biopsy findings by the end of the week. I'm in good hands!!!

Thank you for all your prayers and good wishes!!!

And I'm praying to find a non-medical way to celebrate April next year!!!

04/26/22 06:11 PM #182    

Elizabeth Jane Eden (Benton)

gayle, glad to hear you did well!!!!  keep in touch!!!!  eliz

04/27/22 08:25 AM #183    

Bobbijean Wells (Yingling)


I'm so thankful that the surgery went well!!!  Will pray for good test results.

04/30/22 08:06 AM #184    


Gayle Laurene Thomas (Reed)

Apr 29 - Surgery Results

Dr Jones called. Tumor was 1 cm. Margins and sentinel node negative. Stage 1A. Will be referral to oncologist because of all positive estrogen receptors. But probably lesser Herceptin. So God has got this!!! Thank You God!!!

Love, Gayle

04/30/22 04:28 PM #185    


Dianne M. Hood (Siebens)

Hi Everyone!  I am excited to announce that my book, "No Time For Fear" is now available on Amazon.  The hard copy with colored photos is still being printed, but the ebook is on Amazon.  I hope you all enjoy reading it! 




05/03/22 11:52 AM #186    


Dianne M. Hood (Siebens)

05/03/22 11:54 AM #187    


Dianne M. Hood (Siebens)


Hi Everyone!

i am excited to let you know that my book, No Time For Fear is now avaiable on Amazon in paperback and Kindle.  The hard cover copy will be out soon.  Hope you enjoy reading it!!

Dianne Siebens(Hood)

05/04/22 08:00 PM #188    

Anita Joan Thornhill (Funsch)

I purchased your book today.  It sounds very good.  Three years ago I decided I wanted to start painting so I did. I bought some paints and canvas and started.  I have discovered a method called Pour Paint and I love it.  You do not have to draw just pour it on a canvas and swirl it around.  Its great fun. 

05/22/22 03:53 PM #189    


Gayle Laurene Thomas (Reed)

May 22

I've seen the oncologist and radiologist. Will do chemo June - August. Then radiation mid September into October. I've had 2 suggestions for next April. Get bubble wrapped the end of March. Or go to a remote island in April. There must be something in between!?

Blessings and peace to all of you! I won't be coming to the Mini in July but send my best to all who are able!!

Love, Gayle

06/15/22 05:30 PM #190    


Gayle Laurene Thomas (Reed)

June 15 

What a day this is!

There was a fire in building 3 across from me today! (I'm in 5) Don't know the cause. But the 2nd and 3rd floor apts on one end were on fire. Made the news. 8 fire trucks on the street outside the complex and how ever many actually in front of the building! Classified as 3 alarm fire.

I go to chemo #2 tomorrow! No major issues from #1. Just tads and twinges of side effects. 

Temps in the mid 90's with heat index above 100 today! I know many of you are in even higher temps. So I'll stay right where I am!

Blessings and peace to all of you!

Love, Gayle

06/16/22 08:43 AM #191    

Kenton Dean Hill

Continued prayers for no side effects and total healing. Your great positive attitude encourages us all.

06/16/22 12:31 PM #192    

Sharon Marie (Pete) Miller (Ray)

Glad to hear you are doing well. There is power  In positive thinking.  Keep us posted, as we do care.  Hugs Sharon (Pete) Miller Ray.


06/17/22 01:56 PM #193    


Gayle Laurene Thomas (Reed)

Chemo Day #2 - No Side Effects at all! And I came home and took a 6 HOUR nap! And today, Friday, I'm Energizer Bunny! Who could ask for anything more?!!

And thank you for thinking of me. This class has a special bond that I'm not sure any other class has!!! Small groups in the class maybe, but we have the ENTIRE Class!!! Fairborn HS Class of 1964!!! YooHoo!!!!!

06/18/22 09:00 AM #194    

Bobbijean Wells (Yingling)

Gayle,  I'm so glad you are doing so well on chemo.  You are a fighter!!!  I hope you continue to be the energizer bunny.

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