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09/05/22 11:29 AM #211    

Elizabeth Jane Eden (Benton)

gayle, glad you are feeling better!!!  enjoy this quiet day !!!  Eliz

09/18/22 11:27 AM #212    


Gayle Laurene Thomas (Reed)

September 15 and beyond

This Thursday I had an appointment with the oncologist and began Herceptin only infusions. This is the estrogen blocker that was included in my chemotherapy. Now I will continue this drug every 3 weeks for the balance of a year (13 treatments).

On Friday I met with the radiologist and went over the plan for my radiation treatments. They will begin Monday October 3. I will have 17 treatments Monday-Friday for 3+ weeks.

In preparation for these appointments I had the latest covid booster and the flu shot this week as well. 

I'm good to go!

Blessings and peace to all of us!!!

Love, Gayle


09/19/22 08:38 AM #213    

Kenton Dean Hill

Philippians 4:7 And the Peace of God, which passes all understanding, shall keep your hearts and minds through Christ Jesus.

09/19/22 12:26 PM #214    

Bobbijean Wells (Yingling)


You're doing so well and have such a great attitude.  Praying for you everyday.


09/30/22 02:04 PM #215    

Gary Lee Kistner

This is Gary & Sharon Kistner. We live in Largo Florida , we had wind and rain but we're blessed with not losing power. We are fine and only had some down tree limbs and some fence blown down. Thank God we did not get the direct hit that was predicted.

09/30/22 04:07 PM #216    

Kathy Lynn Goodman

So glad you are ok!

10/01/22 05:49 PM #217    

Karen Antenucci (ODell)


I am Karen Antenucci O'Dell.  I live in Jacksonville FL and I am safe.  We had a lot of rain but not so much wind.

10/01/22 06:16 PM #218    

Kathy Lynn Goodman

Glad you are safe!

10/17/22 10:24 AM #219    


Gayle Laurene Thomas (Reed)

To Sharon Honaker for all that she has done and is still doing for Dayton and far beyond!!! 

And blessings to all the families in the storm zones this summer and fall!!!

Love from Dublin Ohio to wherever you are, Gayle



10/19/22 09:32 AM #220    

Ralph Robert (Bob) Heindl

Hello classmates, wishing everyone the best.  Happy all is well with you Gayle.  My wife fought the same battle with breast cancer.  She is doing well and we recently built a new house in the foothills of the blue ridge mountains in S.C.  We love it, not to far from Greenville.  

10/22/22 05:03 PM #221    


Gayle Laurene Thomas (Reed)

Oct 22 - I finish active cancer treatment this Tuesday! That translates to chemo and radiation completed. Still have Herceptin infusions. And will begin Anastrozole for hormone therapy soon. The drug has some side effects I hope I don't get!!

Blessings and peace to all of us as we celebrate or have 76, 77 and 78 years young this year!!!

Love, Gayle

10/23/22 12:04 PM #222    

Shirley F. Wilson (Lambert)

Gayle, So happy for you. You are a strong woman with great faith. Will continue to keep you in thoughts and prayer.  Hugs, Shirley

10/23/22 12:15 PM #223    


Dennis Morgan (Denny) Brown

Keep up the great work!!!!!


11/12/22 08:02 AM #224    


Gayle Laurene Thomas (Reed)

Hearing of Sandy's passing brings up a lot of memories! Of times our class has gotten together. Of reaching out with a card or a call! It seemed at the time that it would last forever! I talked to Katie last night. She's still laughing and remembering the old days too!!!

Blessings to all of us as we move through this time of our lives!!!

Love, Gayle

12/12/22 08:08 PM #225    


Gayle Laurene Thomas (Reed)

December 12

I checked in with Kathy today. She commented I have become too much of a stranger. So, I changed my photo to see if your recognize me! And to give you an update! 

I had my last radiologist visit today. She reminded me to continue to mask when I'm out. I'm not free napping anymore, i.e. for as long as I want. I set the timer for an hour. I don't drive after dark. So coming to Fairborn during the fall back hours is not realistic. I'll check back with you next spring.

I want to put my devotionals into a book. Began with thinking hard copy but believe now it should be an ebook. Our youth pastor is an illustrator and is currently working on some children's books for another pastor. I asked him to put me on his list, but no pressure.

My son and his family have been sick a lot this year. Some have had covid. The youngest, Ben is 8 and has had the flu, bronchitis and pneumonia. He was not hospitalized thank goodness.

When people ask how I'm doing, I respond with trying to stay out of trouble! The answers to that make me laugh out loud!! What's interesting is that those who don't know me come back with they bet that's difficult!!! 

Sending blessings and peace to all of you! Continue to stay safe!!

Love, Gayle



12/31/22 03:23 PM #226    

Mary Lynn McDavid (McDavid)

Happy New Year to the first graduating class of the Boomers--1964.  We rocked the world! 

12/31/22 09:44 PM #227    


James William (Jim) Bauer

Still are!🤠

01/01/23 12:08 PM #228    

Edwin H. (Ned) Brubeck

Happy New Year Y'all!!!!  🎉🥳🎉

01/08/23 08:14 AM #229    


Gayle Laurene Thomas (Reed)

January 8

Sending Happy Birthday greetings to us all for 2023!!! Some days I feel my age! Other days not so much!! But the one thing I know is that I like the connections our class has with each other!!! And for all these years!!!

The Girl Scout song still holds: Make new friends but keep the old, One is silver and the other gold! Happy Birthday 2023 to all my Gold friends in the greatest class: Fairborn High School Class of 1964!!!

Love, Gayle

02/11/23 08:12 AM #230    


Gayle Laurene Thomas (Reed)

Feb 11 - Update on Katie Marsh Rose

I talked to Katie last night. She fell on the ramp outside her condo on Jan 17. She doesn't remember what happened, but she landed on her face. She broke her nose, neck, hand and wrist and had a gash on her head. A stranger saw her on the ground and called for help! She was in the hospital for a week, a nursing home for 2 more. They wanted her to stay longer but she completed all the PT so she could go home!!! She is wearing a body brace for 3 months. She says she's blessed and she is!!! 

02/16/23 05:50 PM #231    


Gayle Laurene Thomas (Reed)

February 16

Sending Birthday Greetings to everyone for 2023! And a hope you celebrate the whole month!! Not just the day!!!

Blessings and peace to all of you!!!

Love, Gayle



03/03/23 06:14 PM #232    


Gayle Laurene Thomas (Reed)

March 3

I just talked to Gail Blanton. He is having surgery Monday to remove a toe from gangrene. If he has good blood flow after the removal, they will stop there. If not, they will remove more. Please pray that he feels God with him and the medical team. And that no more is needed to be done!!!

Blessings and peace to all of us!!!

Love, Gayle


03/16/23 09:52 PM #233    


Gayle Laurene Thomas (Reed)

March 16

Gail Blanton had a 2nd surgery today. They took off his foot and half way up his shin.

Tom Sills talked to him tonight. And will go and see him tomorrow. Please contact Tom with any questions about Gail.


03/26/23 04:50 PM #234    


Gayle Laurene Thomas (Reed)

March 26

I just talked to Gail Blanton. He is now in rehab. And hoping to start PT tomorrow. They are supposed to measure for his prosthetic soon too.

The food at rehab is not too bad, but he's not hungry. He needs to build his strength for crutches so he can get up and transfer from bed to wheelchair, etc.

Sending blessings to all of us as we move through our health issues. It's not easy or fun but our support systems can make it bearable.

Love, Gayle

03/26/23 04:53 PM #235    


Gayle Laurene Thomas (Reed)

March 26

I have a mammogram on Tuesday! This is the end of the first year!! I'm praying everything's ok and that the surgery, the chemo and the oral medications are doing their job!!!

Love, Gayle

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