Do You Remember?

                                         Alma Mater

          Hail to Thee, dear Alma Mater,

Shout in joyous song.

Honor, love and true devotion,

All to Thee belong.

Lift the chorus, speed it onward,

As the years go by.

Hail! To Thee our ALma Mater.

Hail dear Fairborn High.

Not alone in halls of study

is Thy spirit found.

But in every contest entered,

Loyalty abound.

With a broad and firm foundation,

We will do or die,

All for Thee, dear Alma Mater,

Hail dear Fairborn High.


Fairborn Fight Song

Fight Flyers down the field

Win for Fairborn tonight

Don't let them thru the line

We're going to win the game tonight.


Smash thru to victory

We cheer you as you go

Our honor defend we will fight to the end

For Fairborn High


School Song

Hurrah for dear old Fairborn

For the blue an gold

Color of her emblem

Spirits in her fold.

           Fairborn Rah!

We will cheer her onward,

On to honors high;

Fight, Fight for victory

For Fairborn High.

Lift her banner skyward,

Never let it fall;

Always be loyal

Whenever duty calls

            Fairborn Rah!

Faith will be her watch word

To your school be true

Give her your very best

In all you do.