New Fairborn High School


Fairborn High School shares photos of new complex

by: Emily Lewis




Attached are photos from the last game weekend in November of "our" Memorial Stadium, the new school complex, and Alumni Field at the new stadium.  Photo credits go to Craig Moore, FHS '68.  He is a retired Fairborn Schools history teacher and an avid student of Fairborn and school system history.

First two photos: Note that Memorial Stadium has the end-tower "F"s and original brickwork covered over because the bricks started crumbling a few years ago and became a hazard.  The sunset photo tells the story as the sun has set on this relic.  It will be demolished along with the Baker and East Elementary buildings sometime in 2024.  An open house final tour is expected before the wrecking ball swings.  Watch for an announcement.


The next two photos are the first of the new school complex with I-675 in the background.  The second one shows the relationship of school buildings to the stadium.


The last three photos:  Show various views of the new field.  Interestingly, the words and logos were sewn onto the turf after the padding and "grass" was laid down.

Craig Moore was also the source of the idea for the name "Alumni Field", which has the historical mascot names - Flyers and Vikings - and the current name/logo, Skyhawks, on the state-of-the-art artificial turf.  The stadium and field are nearing completion and the school complex is progressing.


New Fairborn High School construction pix + a few bonus pictures.