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01/02/21 07:34 PM #125    


James William (Jim) Bauer

Oh and don't fergett that I gradiated to Fairburn High Scool.....(8~{)

01/02/21 07:47 PM #126    


James William (Jim) Bauer

And what's perfect memory reminds me that my English teacher was Cynthia and Sylvia's mother.    HA, SO THERE!... 

01/02/21 09:14 PM #127    

Sally Lucas (Patterson)


01/03/21 10:18 AM #128    


James William (Jim) Bauer


01/15/21 03:12 PM #129    

Gayle Laurene Thomas (Reed)

I found this piece dated March 3, 2006. I think it was when Carl Porter came to town for a visit. It's titled Passion and Pain. I don't think I've shared it before. But if I have, it's worth repeating...

When I got home last night I realzied what a special time we had. As I looked around the table, I saw a sea of faces. But when I looked more closely at each of you, I began to see the passion and pain that have brought you to this place in your lives.

Each of us is special. There is only one Thurman Lee or Carl Porter. Some may say, thank God. But the truth is, the puzzle of life can't be seen and fully appreciated until all of us are there. The kindergarten teacher gave each student a piece of a puzzle. One of the children wasn't there so when they connected the pieces, the picture wasn't complete. That piece was missed. Each of you is missed when you are not there.

I love you all. Blessings and peace to you this day and every day. And Happy Birthdy as each of you arrives at your 60th year.

Love, Gayle

It's now January 15, 2021 and we are now approaching 75. We're losing our classmates all too soon. I wanted to pause and tell you how much you all mean to the Fairborn High School Class 0f 1964 and to me. 


02/04/21 07:56 PM #130    

Kathy Lynn Goodman

The story of the kindergarten teacher giving each child a puzzle piece in Gayle's essay hit a resonant chord in that cloistered corner of my mind where thoughts go to ferment.  It has been canoodling around in there for a while and a germ of a metaphor has been growing into an embryo.  It is not full term yet but it has enough form that I want to share it with you.

When we are born our world is a single puzzle piece.  We quickly add a couple of more pieces to our picture.  In the beginning this picture is sharp and defined and in primary colors.  Red, blue, yellow reflect our joy and happiness and love.  Slowly we start to add more pieces and purple, green, and orange lend more depth to our picture.  Each piece has its own unique shape and nuances of color begin to appear: the violets, siennas, ambers, colbalts, scarletts, pinks, emeralds and golds.  As we grow and more pieces of our world are revealed it becomes difficult to keep everything in focus at the same time.  Parts of the picture fade to the background and develop fuzzy edges and the colors become muted as other parts of the picture come into focus and their colors become bright.  But nothing is static, we are constantly shifting our focus and different parts become sharp and well defined at different times.  There are pieces that remain firmly in the center of our picture and pieces that move in and out.  But nothing is ever lost.  They are always there if only as the muted background of our picture.  These are the pieces that provide the depth and texture of our lives.  They are what make us what we are.  No piece is insignificant and no piece is ever lost.  Now as I prepare to enter the 4th quarter (not to mix metaphors) I find myself wandering around my picture, picking up different pieces and spending time with them, if only in my mind.  I cherish each piece, the pretty ones, the ugly ones, the happy ones, the sad ones the yellows and the greys.  I am becoming so very aware of how each piece has come to make the whole and how different the picture would be if even one piece was not there.  My picture is not complete.  I have more pieces to add and more colors to explore.  I am so happy that I have your piece as part of my picture and hope you are pleased to have my piece in yours.

02/06/21 12:37 PM #131    

Kathy Lynn Goodman

Got my first shot this am at kettering Health Network clinic in Jamestown.  They were very busy but had things runnning very efficiently.  I was in and out in 30 minutes including a 15 minute safety wait after the shot.  Kathy

02/08/21 09:35 AM #132    


Dennis Morgan (Denny) Brown

Good to hear.  I am hearing we may have some side effects with the second Pfizer vaccine.  I guess we'll see!

02/08/21 11:31 AM #133    

Kathy Lynn Goodman

I got the Moderna.  No side effects so far.

02/15/21 11:25 AM #134    

Gayle Laurene Thomas (Reed)

I am getting my first dose this Wednesday. I think it's Pfizer.

Wanted to share this with you from a friend in Dayton: 

One minute you're 20 in the 70' thing you know you're 70 in the 20's.

My friends here in Dublin are almost all younger than me. Had to send it to an older crowd!!


02/16/21 12:48 PM #135    


Dennis Morgan (Denny) Brown

Good to hear!!  Second shot next week!

02/16/21 04:43 PM #136    

Paul Edward Stout

Down here where I am it seems the second Pfizer affects more women than men. Symptoms to include H/A, nausea, flu like achyness, and pain/soreness in the arm. I didn't have any symptoms with either as none of the men I know did either but their wives and lady friends did. Madurna seems to have many similar symptoms also. Don't know if this a regional thing or not. Hope all of you have no problems.


02/16/21 05:48 PM #137    


James William (Jim) Bauer

It all depends on the color of the lolly pop they give you. 🤠 

02/17/21 10:33 AM #138    

John Robert (Jack) Stackman

Beverly and I received second dose on 2-15.   She was impacted more.  It hit her that evening.  Head ache, low fever, muscle pian lasted for 1 1/2 days.
I felt nothing except a little pain at the injection site until the next morning.  I slept until 3 pm.  Muscle pain, head ache, and just plain lethargic.  It's all gone now.  Happy to be on the road to immunity.

02/18/21 03:35 PM #139    

Gayle Laurene Thomas (Reed)

I had my first dose yesterday, Feb 10. The Pfizer.  Mar 10 for 2nd. I told the parking lot attendant, I want sun, blue skies and 60-70 temps that day.  A friend here laughed and asked if I was getting it in Florida. 

I hope to prove Paul wrong about his prediction of women and men responses to vaccine.  So Jack you are not helping!

Blessings from Ohio to wherever you are! I love you all!!!

02/19/21 07:31 AM #140    

Harry Lee (Lee) Task

My wife and I got our second Pfizer shots this past Wednesday (Feb 17) at 5pm and neither one of us had any side effects to speak of.  We ordered our weather in advance just like Gayle (primarily because that Wednesday was also a golf day in the morning), but the weather fell a bit short.....somewhat windy and a high of only about 60 degrees.....when will this brutal Tucson weather quit?  ;-)   

My brother in San Antonio is not faring as well.....rolling power outages and snow/ice STAYING around for awhile....not normal for SA.  But, he is doing OK.

02/20/21 12:37 PM #141    

Gayle Laurene Thomas (Reed)

My sister in law lives in Flower Mound Texas and sent quite a detailed review of the past week there. And she didn't have anythng nice to say about Ercot!

02/20/21 02:51 PM #142    

Sandra Holland (McHugh)

My husband and I received our second shot on Feb 18 and everting is great; did have a bit of arm pain with the first one.  Received the Pfizer brand at Greene County Health Dept.

02/21/21 09:02 AM #143    

Harry Lee (Lee) Task

I understand that they have changed the acronymn for the Texas council Gayle is NOW called "ENCOT," which, of course, stands for Electric Non-reliability Council Of Texas.  Given that change, maybe we ought to give them a break and congratulate them on a job well done based on the NEW acronymn....  ;-)

We often traveled through west texas (before covid) and it is LOADED with massive wind turbine "ranches"....must be an interesting sight to see many of them iced-up and frozen.  There are a few places where one can get both pumping oil wells (the parrot pumps) and wind turbines in the same picture, which makes for an interesting contrast/compare tableau.  Need to check the box "all of the above" and maintain balance!  These "once in 500 years" events can happen at any time!  (Although this particular type of event is PROBABLY only going to happen in the winter months....).

02/21/21 01:55 PM #144    

Gayle Laurene Thomas (Reed)

I'm trying to figure out the huge electric bills people are getting.  How can you charge for no service and mismanagement? Unless your customers are going to pay the company's legal bills...?

02/21/21 06:58 PM #145    

John Robert (Jack) Stackman

Gayle, I think the huge power bills are likley due to people opting to buy power from a company that is not their distributor.  The sign up to but power from someone without reading the fine print.  The seller buys power on the spot market then resells it.  It is a mater of supply and demand.  It is a very ugly part of derugulation. 

02/21/21 06:59 PM #146    

John Robert (Jack) Stackman

I need to proof read before hitting submit.

02/22/21 02:52 PM #147    

Gayle Laurene Thomas (Reed)

My sister in law lives in Texas. She does not paint a very pretty picture of the politics there over power etc.

02/28/21 06:31 PM #148    

Julia Patterson (Delude)

H'lo, just an update to my recent vaccine-grumbly post. Though the appointments instrument crashed within a minute or so of opening  this past Wednesday, my daughter persisted and was able to get himself and me appointments for Tuesday next, with our second shots mid-April. What a relief, though it will be much safer once most people –I so hope- are inoculated. That said, I did order more masks, including for the kids and grandkids; we will be wearing those likely for at least a year, I suspect.

03/03/21 08:56 AM #149    

Thurman J. Lee

I will be getting my second shot this Friday.  There was a lot of discussion about possible side effects.  I have heard lately that one of the side effects of the second shot is a really strong craving for Margaritas.  Since I am havinng my second shot this Friday, I have "High Expectations".


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